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Pet food extrusion services is one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry. Our market size is huge. Especially our equipment market size. All manners of kibbles, wet pet food, dry pet foods, and pet treats are created through extrusion. Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, boasts of a pet food extrusion process that is completely customizable and traceable. Our pet food extrusion process is completely customizable to fit your needs. Following the exact parameters of your pet food product, we will add the liquid content you desire during the blending process, and move your blend through our series of extruders. We will achieve the exact size and shape of the extruded product that you desire before flash baking.



Equipment Used In Co-Extrusion Systems

Co-extrusion is a technological pet food extrusion process that can help us make your products with improved quality based on our present study. It involves the use of energy inputs to create a good weld between two formulationsm of raw ingredients.

Pet Food Extrusion Services

Co-extrusion systems can expand the product range of a pet food manufacturer by incorporating supplemental or synthetic nutrients into food that would otherwise be destroyed during the baking process. The extruder creates the outer shell of the product, while the pinching former adds filling with natural nutrients.

Several types of co-extrusion systems are available, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each one. Twin screw cooking extruders have limited utility for dry expanded pet food. These systems are expensive to purchase and maintain, and are only suitable for products with high value-added potential for dry foods.

In co-extrusion systems, two or more plastic materials are baked in one extruder. Each material is then delivered to a manifold or directly to the die. The co-extrusion process can be done in the same way as for single-layer materials.

Cold Extrusion Methods

Cold extrusion is a growing process in the pet food industry. This pet food extrusion process helps preserve nutritional value by minimizing processing temperatures. With the rising demand for pellets, the process has gained popularity. Nevertheless, it is not without challenges. These include: a high level of plant fibers; a high degree of powder handling; allergens; and cross contamination.

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Pet Food Extrusion Services at Fairview Mills

One major challenge is temperature. Cold extrusion involves reducing the temperature of the food, which prevents certain pathogenic bacteria and microbes from replicating. It can also help to reduce feed costs. However, cold temperatures can affect the viscosity and shape of the product, which can lead to time delays. Cold temperatures also do not kill germs as aggressively as the hot temperatures used in conventional and co-extrusion methods, so there is a higher risk of germ contamination. To counteract this, it is necessary to preheat the barrel and ensure that it is at the right temperature. The temperature must be measured accurately for the different parts of the barrel, and then the barrel must be subsequently cooled before being used.

Despite these challenges, cold extrusion is an increasingly popular pet food extrusion process. The process has the potential to produce a variety of shapes and textures and can be molded into a variety of shapes. In addition, consumers have come to recognize extruded foods as unique snack items.

Pet Food Extrusion Services And Nutrition

The extrusion process positively affects the nutritional profile and health benefits of the pet food itself! Extruding affects protein digestibility by denaturing the proteins. This particularly contributes to better utilization of plant proteins. The heat used in the extrusion process also decreases the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are an essential nutritive component to many pet’s diets, so it’s important to process pet foods that reduce the amount of oxidation that occurs. The process of extrusion also alters the conformation of starch, reducing the glycemic index of grain-based pet foods. Extrusion also improves the amount of soluble dietary fiber, reduces the total calories, destroys anti-nutrient components, and increases the amount of resistant starch.

However, the extrusion process does have some detrimental effects on other aspects of the pet food product’s nutrition. For example, the high heat used during the cooking portion of pet food extrusion does degrade the food’s nutrients, although it does not completely eliminate them. Some vitamins are lost, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Those vitamins often have to be added synthetically. Certain amino acids will be destroyed, and the nutritional value of the proteins are typically lessened.

Sanitation And Traceability

One challenge in pet food extrusion is the use of raw meat. Raw meat in pet food puts new sanitary design requirements on the extrusion process, as well as our grinding, milling, and blending machinery. Pet food blends that have higher inclusions of raw meat often require specially sized equipment that can handle the density. Fairview Mills uses various processes to fully clean and sanitize our equipment between batches, especially if raw meat is involved. These processes include HPP, bacteriophage, chlorine wash, and irradiation. The achieved effect is to eliminate all risk of contamination.

Our pet food extruders must handle a diverse range of ingredients, and must be able to keep those ingredients free from contamination with anything that might hinder accurate product production. Without traceability, issues with the final product can lead to investigations by the Food Standards Agency. Due to a growing number of expensive recalls and quality complaints, companies and consumers alike are calling for increased traceability.

J-Six Enterprises is happy to oblige! We have invested in electronic supply chain and manufacturing traceability solutions to help you better manage these risks. We have also implemented a system of improved product labeling. Whether you choose to make these detailed labels public or place them on your final ingredient packaging is a decision for your company, but we provide detailed information about the origin of each ingredient in your product and what it has come in contact with along the way.

J-Six Enterprises – A Full Circle Agricultural Company

Fairview Mills is proud to be one of many divisions of J-Six Enterprises. In choosing Fairview Mills for your pet food extrusion, you have easy access to our wide range of services. This helps you get from raw material to finished product without having to deal with multiple companies along the way! In addition to pet food extrusion services, J-Six Enterprises will also:

  • Store your bulk pet food ingredients or bagged products
  • Handle your pet food ingredient bagging needs
  • Transport your products directly to your consumer, be that farmer or store
  • Transload your pet food products from railcar to truck, and back again.
  • Create dust-free pellets, food pellets, or crumbles in our pelleting facility
  • Mill corn into a grit suitable for both human and animal consumption

Fairview Mills’ pet food extrusion services are a division of J-Six Enterprises. J-Six Enterprises is a full circle agriculture company. We care about the land that we farm, the livestock we raise, and the soil in which we plant the seed. Crops that we grow feed our livestock. The livestock we raise produce quality products for both people and their animals. The premium nutrients from the livestock then fertilize the land – that helps raise the crops – that feeds the livestock – that feeds people and their pets. And the full circle continues.

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