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Pet food transloading is often a multi-step process that can be a logistical nightmare! Thankfully, Fairview Mills can take care of it all, from start to finish. We can get your products off the railcars (or on to them, as the need may be!) and trucked to their destination with an incredibly fast turnaround time. We have everything in place for an easy transloading experience, from pet food ingredient bulk storage, to a fleet of flatbeds, tankers, and other trucks. We are equipped to handle the transloading process in its entirety.

Pet Food Ingredient Transloading – Short Line Railroads

A major component of the pet food ingredient transloading process is the network of short line railroads. Short line railroads have the flexibility to handle a variety of materials, including a wide range of pet foods. They also transport agricultural products, as well as many other goods. Short line railroads might not have the speed of intermodal trains, but they can move many different products!

Most short lines connect shippers to the United States freight rail network, and at a more affordable price point than most trucking operations. They can deliver more cargo in a single trip, and short line railway systems often have less traffic than a large railroad. When it comes to pet food ingredient transloading, there are many short line railroads available. J-Six Enterprises will handle your transloading needs – the logistics, the equipment, and the manpower. All you need to supply is the product!

Pet Food Ingredient Transloading – Logistics Flexibility

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Pet food manufacturers often need some of the highest levels of logistical flexibility and technical expertise, in order to source and deliver traceable ingredients to meet their customers’ needs. For manufacturers hoping to boast of organic or non-GMO pet food products, a flexible supply chain is crucial to the success of your business. Our company’s technology and years of expertise allows us to offer improved flexibility with pet food ingredient transloading, helping you to meet your product requirements.

Another set of components that pet food manufacturers and suppliers must contend with are increased demand and supply chain strains. It’s vitally important to ensure long-term planning and supply chain management. J-Six Enterprises can help you make the switch from a “just-in-time” mindset to a long-term supply chain model in which we’re with you every step of the way. This alleviates a lot of pressure on your part! J-Six Enterprises will handle your pet food ingredients transloading, but we’ll also take care of pet food milling, pet food grinding, pet food blending, product extrusion, product bagging, product storage, and delivery of your pet food product to your distribution center!


Technical expertise in pet food ingredient transloading is essential to the process of creating and delivering pet food products. Pet food ingredients transloaders must handle a diverse range of ingredients, and must be able to keep those ingredients free from contamination with anything that might hinder accurate product production. Even if natural, organic, or non-GMO ingredients aren’t part of your transloading process, all pet food ingredients and products must be delivered in a safe and traceable manner. Without traceability, issues with the final product can lead to investigations by the Food Standards Agency. Due to a growing number of expensive recalls and quality complaints, companies and consumers alike are calling for increased traceability.

J-Six Enterprises is happy to oblige! We have invested in electronic supply chain and manufacturing traceability solutions to help you better manage these risks. We have also implemented a system of improved product labeling. Whether you choose to make these detailed labels public or place them on your final ingredient packaging is a decision for your company, but we provide detailed information about the origin of each ingredient in your product and what it has come in contact with along the way.

Centralized Location

Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, offers a centralized location in the continental United States that allows for an incredibly fast turnaround time to the pet food ingredient transloading process. Our transloading and storage mill in Topeka, KS offers rail-to-truck, truck-to-rail, and rail-to–rail transloading. We have unique access to over seventeen freight railways, including Colorado Pacific Railroad, Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, and BNSF Railway – among many others! Rather than handling your transloading at a coastal location that is at the furthest possible distance from the opposite coast, our central location assures that no destination is far away.

J-Six Enterprises – A Full Circle Agricultural Company

Fairview Mills is proud to be one of many divisions of J-Six Enterprises. In choosing Fairview Mills for your pet food ingredient transloading, you have easy access to our wide range of services. This helps you get from raw material to finished product without having to deal with multiple companies along the way! In addition to pet food ingredient transloading, J-Six Enterprises will also:

  • Store your bulk pet food ingredients or bagged products
  • Handle your pet food ingredient bagging needs
  • Transport your products directly to your consumer, be that farmer or store
  • Extrude pet food and pet treats as a contract manufacturer
  • Create dust-free pellets or crumbles in our pelleting facility
  • Mill corn into a grit suitable for both human and animal consumption

Fairview Mills’ transloading services are a division of J-Six Enterprises. J-Six Enterprises is a full circle agriculture company. We care about the land that we farm, the livestock we raise, and the soil in which we plant the seed. Crops that we grow feed our livestock. The livestock we raise produce quality products for both people and their animals. The nutrients from the livestock then fertilize the land – that helps raise the crops – that feeds the livestock – that feeds people and their pets. And the full circle continues.


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