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When it comes to pet food ingredient packaging, Fairview Mills does it all! We offer packaging in sizes ranging from various size sacks, to 50 lb bags, to huge 1,000 – 2,000 super sacks. We will take your totes and bags of quality pet food products, run it through our pet food ingredient packaging line, and give you packages that are fully customizable to your needs.

Not all of your customers will need a full truckload of your pet food proteins, for example. We have the tools at our packaging facility to take your totes of wheat gluten or soy protein, detote them, repackage them into manageable pallets of 50 lb bags, for example. Fairview Mills goes the extra mile by running your ingredients through our sifting system, for additional food safety prior to the pet food ingredient packaging. We work with you to ensure that your customer receives the best product possible!

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