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We’re your turnkey solution for pet food ingredient storage with our multiple storage facilities. Our facilities handle packaged dry ingredients, backup inventory, bin management, and transload & storage. 

Do you need to store your product during downtime? We can help with that! 

Do you have a shipping problem and have packaged pet food that needs to be stored? We can help with that, too!

Do you need somewhere to store your bulk ingredients as they come in off the rail? We’ll pick them up, process them, store them, and then deliver them to your door.

You bring us the problem, and we’ll create the solution. We help the pet food ingredient supplier with the things the industry won’t provide. Small or large. From start to finish. Whether it’s a one-time or a long-term solution, we’re ready to serve you!


  • Facility
    Commodity Flat Storage
    Our commodity flat storage is excellent for product storage during any downtime. We’ll hold your product intermediately or store it as a pre-build using your inventory, making it a great scheduling tool.
  • Facility
    Package Material Storage Facility
    Our package material storage facility helps pet food manufacturers if they’re short of or out of product. Whether it’s a shipping problem or the plant is down, you have to sell your product. We’re here to hold your product intermediately until you’re ready!
  • Facility
    Bin Management
    Our bin management services are excellent for your incoming ingredients! We’ll pick them up, process, store, and deliver them to your door. We have the bin space to handle what you need, stored or extruded — alleviating your backup problems.
  • Trains
    Our transloading and storage mill in Topeka, KS, can receive your product in a single railcar or multiple railcars, hold it in a bin, and then ship it out on a truck. We mainly offer rail-to-truck at our regional storage in Topeka. We’re centrally located and provide FAST turnaround times.

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