Pet Food Ingredient Blending – Making Great Pet Food Products

Fairview Mills provides superior pet food ingredient blending facilities, to both help you create small batches of new products for testing pet foods, and create your pet food product on a large scale. After a customer supplies specifications for a product, we bring in the ingredients that we have on hand and rigorously test their protein levels, toxin levels, and other levels. Then, we mix, blend, or grind it to specifications, making a great pet food product.

Our Pet Ingredient Food Blending Process At Fairview Mills

At Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, we handle the entire pet food blending process from start to finish – from sourcing your pet food ingredients, to grinding and milling them into a suitable meal, to blending and extrusion. Every step of the process has extensive oversight and testing. We want to ensure that your raw materials are of the highest quality, that the meal used for blending is all nutrition and no chaff, and that the extruded product is uniform and consistent.

Large Scale Pet Food Ingredient Blending

Most of our blending is done in large, bulk quantities, as we work with clients to produce their specific pet food. We can not only mill the individual pet food ingredients and blend them to your specifications, but we can then store the blend as is or extrude it into the form you need. Then, we can bag it and transport it where it needs to go! Keep in mind that we are not your competitors – neither Fairview Mills nor J-Six Enterprises produces any pet food products under our own label. We are here to help you make a superior product!

Small Batches For Product Testing

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Analytics Lab

We test every product that comes through our pet food blending process, and manufacturing process whether it be a small test batch or a sample of a larger product. We take that small sample or test batch to our analytics lab. In the lab, we test your product for specific parameters. Depending on your product, these can include:

Toxin testing for ochratoxin, citrinin, fumonisins, and many types of mycotoxins, especially aflatoxin. Nutrition analysis, to assure the optimal composition of proteins, fat, fiber, moisture, and ash. Peroxide value, to determine the amount of oxidation in the fats and oil used to bind a blend into a kibble with essential nutrients and a good source of amino acids and fatty acids from your pet food manufacturers.

We Are A Full-Service Pet Food Ingredient Supplier

It doesn’t help to blend pet food ingredients if you don’t have the raw materials on hand to begin with in the ingredient list. Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, is the solution to your problem! We are a full-service pet food ingredient supplier, with well over five hundred (yes, you read that right!) of different types of individual pet food ingredients at our disposal at any given time. You’ll never again need to source your own pet food ingredients in order to make a product, because we have all the ingredients you could possibly need, already on hand! We meet all of the nutritional requirements and nuritional needs! Some of these pet food ingredients include:

Rendered dry proteins, such as chicken meal, turkey meal, and lamb meal – among many others! Aside from meat specific dry proteins, we also offer various types of bone meal and blood meal. All commodity grains: corn, barley, wheat, milo, oats, rice, sorghum, rye… we’ve got them all and they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients! We also supply starch products from each of these various grains. Pulses – in the commodity world, these are vegetables such as peas, peanuts, legumes, beans, lentils, chickpeas… just to name a few! They are all excellent sources of plant proteins and meet all safety and diet requirements.

Our Pet Food Milling And Pet Food Grinding Process At Fairview Mills

Not only are we a pet food ingredient supplier, but we are also a pet food ingredient processor! We have the ability to take those raw ingredients and run them through our pet food milling and pet food grinding facilities infrastructure to create either a large scale product or a small scale test batch that is exactly what you’re intending. There’s no need to get ingredients from one company and blend them with another company. Fairview Mills has got you covered from start to finish with excellent food safety requirements met.

Pet Food Grinding

Pet Food Ingredient BlendingIn order to blend raw pet food ingredients together, they need to be broken down into usable parts. At Fairview Mills, we have a veritable army of machines at our disposal for pet food milling and pet food grinding! Our pet food grinding process is achieved using hammers to crack, beat, and grind the raw materials into a medium grain meal suitable for blending, cooking, and thickening. Depending on your pet food product, this may be the perfect type of meal to use for your blend!

Pet Food Milling

For most products, however, the pet food ingredient will need further size reduction, classifying, or cleaning. So, the meal made from our pet food grinding machines is then taken to our pet food milling facilities, where it is further refined through rollers and air classifiers into a fine grain meal, ready for blending your animal feed foods.

Quality Control

Throughout the entire pet food grinding and pet food milling processes, sifting belts help separate the usable pet food meal from the unusable chaff and dust. We want to make sure that only the highest quality pet food ingredients are used in making your large scale product or small test batch!

What Happens After Pet Food Ingredient Blending, Pet Food Milling, and Pet Food Grinding?

When you use Fairview Mills, you’re not just using a pet food blending service. We’re not just a company for pet food milling and pet food grinding. We are a full circle agricultural company! This means that when it’s time to move your freshly milled, ground, or blended ingredients along, you have options – and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a new company!

Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage

Once you have your pet food ingredients milled and ground down to the product blend that you desire, you need somewhere to put it! Fairview Mills has the warehouses and silos for the job. We can handle pet food ingredient bulk storage in both loose and bagged forms. We will store and monitor your ingredients as both a short-term storage solution and a long-term part of your production chain.

Pet Food Extrusion + Pelleting

You likely need your pet food to be in kibble form! Our pet food extrusion services can get that job done for you. If you need it to be pelleted, rest assured that Fairview Mills is at the top of the list. Our pet food pelleting facility is one of the only automated pellet facilities that is dedicated to pet food and industrial products. It can produce both gel-case pellets and crumble.

Pet Food Ingredient Packaging + Bagging

Fairview Mills offers pet food ingredient bagging of multiple sizes, ranging from 50 lb bags to large 1,000 – 2,000 lb super sacks! These bags are a convenient way to store and transport your inventory of bulk pet food ingredients. They’re also a helpful way to get products to your customers that buy in bulk!

Pet Food Ingredient Distribution + Transporting

Once your product is ready for distribution, Fairview Mills is fully equipped to get it where it needs to go. Our fleet of Fairview Express equipment means that you will never have a transit problem that we can’t solve! Pet food ingredient distribution takes many different forms. With pneumatics, tankers, hoppers, flatbeds, van trailers, belt wagons, and auger tanks, we are sure to find a solution. Our central location in Topeka and Hiawatha, KS, means that we can get anywhere – fast.


If you’re not interested in using our other pet food manufacturing services, no hard feelings. We are happy to be a short-term benefit to your production process. We can also ship your bulk ingredients on to their next destination for you! We offer many pet food ingredient transloading services. We can move your ingredients from the storage facility to railcars for you.

J-Six Enterprises – A Full Circle Agricultural Company

Fairview Mills is proud to be one of many divisions of J-Six Enterprises. In choosing Fairview Mills for your pet food ingredient blending, milling, and grinding needs, you have easy access to our wide range of services. This helps you get from raw material to finished product without having to deal with multiple companies along the way!

We’re a multi-generational agricultural family. We have long-standing knowledge of what farmers, ranchers, and food producers need. Whether you’re looking to sell raw ingredients, produce a pet food that meets certain metrics, or simply need a place to store your bulk products for a time – J-Six Enterprises will work with you to find the right solution.



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