Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage – Why Do You Need Bulk Storage For Pet Food Ingredients?

Our pet food ingredient bulk storage facilities are here for you if your supply flow hits a snag. Whether it’s a shipping problem or a plant shuts down, you need somewhere to store your bulk ingredients. Our warehouse systems in Hiawatha, KS will store your surplus pet food ingredients for your cat, dog, or pets until things are back up and running in our food storage container.

There are multiple reasons why a pet food producer or pet food ingredient supplier may need to utilize a storage container for pet food storage with our bulk storage service. Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, will find a solution to any of your bulk storage needs, whether you’re in a one-time bind or need a long-term partner.

Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage For Shipping Delays

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Pet Food Ingredient Storage For Plant Delays

Just as there can be breakdowns on the shipping side of the animal food production chain, there can also be snags within the key features of production plants themselves. Equipment malfunctions are sometimes time-consuming to repair. Plants shut down for any number of health and safety reasons. Natural disasters or fires happen. When your production plant has bulk pet food ingredients that simply can’t remain at the plant, where can you put them? Use Fairview Mills! We have the facilities and equipment necessary to unload and store your bulk pet food ingredients until your plant or equipment are back up and running.

Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage For Production Structure

Fairview Mills will not only handle your emergency pet food ingredient bulk storage needs. We can also provide bulk storage facilities on a regular basis. If you don’t have the infrastructure to produce, store, and ship your quality animal food and pet food ingredients, we can fill that role for your food storage needs. You remain in the driver’s seat of your company, but utilize our resources to get your product manufactured and delivered to your customers. Fairview Mills is a full-circle pet food, dog treats, and livestock feed manufacturing company. You can use us to mill your ingredients, blend them to your specifications, extrude them into pellets, bag them, sort them, and ship them where they need to be. And yes – we can even be your regular resource for pet food ingredient bulk storage! We don’t just offer this service for companies that hit a snag, but we can come alongside you and become part of your production chain. Let our material handling, shelf-life expertise help you store your pet food!

How Are Pet Food Ingredients Stored?

There are many ways to store bulk dog foods or pet food ingredients, and Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, can offer a wide range. However you choose to store your bulk ingredients, one of the first steps is running our full panel of analytics. We measure nutrients, moisture levels, and many other metrics right before storing your ingredients. When it comes time to move those ingredients on their way, we’ll run them through our panel again. We guarantee that your pet food ingredients will still be in top-notch condition.

Pet Food Ingredient Storage In Warehouses

Pet Food Ingredient Bulk StorageFairview Mills has a veritable army of warehouses devoted solely to storing bulk pet food ingredients. We can store your ingredients in large super sacks, or in stacked pallets of smaller capacity bags. However, if you’d rather wait on bagging, we’re happy to store your bulk ingredients in one of our concrete open storage bins or flat storage bays. These open storage facilities are located in Hiawatha, KS. We will regularly sift and aerate your open ingredients, so that the product at the bottom of the bin does not deteriorate over time and under pressure.

Pet Food Ingredient Storage In Silos

In addition to our warehouses, Fairview Mills also can store your bulk pet food ingredients in silos. We utilize various silo technologies to measure the accuracy of each item in each silo. This is a great choice for ingredients of a considerable quantity, and for ingredients where dust regulation and moisture control are particularly important. Silo storage is limited.

What Happens After Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage?

When you use Fairview Mills, you’re not just using a pet food ingredient bulk storage facility. We are a full circle agricultural company. This means that when it’s time to move your bulk ingredients, you have options – and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a new company!

Pet Food Milling + Pet Food Grinding

If your bulk pet food ingredients need to be milled or grinded in order to move them along the production chain, don’t ship them off – use Fairview Mills! Our pet food milling and pet food grinding services will get your ingredients ready for the next step.

Pet Food Blending

Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage

Our pet food ingredient blending process will help you create a pet food that reaches the exact parameters you need! When you want to create a small batch to test a new product, our pet food milling and pet food grinding infrastructures are at your service. Not only will we blend the ingredients you desire, but we will also run them through various tests for nutrition levels and healthy safety.

Pet Food Extrusion + Pelleting

Do you need your pet food to be in kibble form? Our pet food extrusion services can get that job done for you. If you need it to be pelleted, rest assured that Fairview Mills is at the top of the list. Our pet food pelleting facility is one of the only automated pellet facilities that is dedicated to pet food and industrial products. It can produce both gel-case pellets and crumble.

Ingredient Packaging + Bagging

Fairview Mills offers pet food ingredient bagging of multiple sizes, ranging from 50 lb bags to large 1,000 – 2,000 lb super sacks! These bags are a convenient way to store bulk pet food ingredients. They’re also a helpful way to get products to your customers that buy in bulk!

Ingredient Distribution + Transporting

Once your product is ready for distribution, Fairview Mills is fully equipped to get it where it needs to go. Our fleet of Fairview Express equipment means that you will never have a transit problem that we can’t solve! Pet food ingredient distribution takes many different forms. With pneumatics, tankers, hoppers, flatbeds, van trailers, belt wagons, and auger tanks, we are sure to find a solution. Our central location in Topeka and Hiawatha, KS, means that we can get anywhere – fast.


If you’re not interested in using our other pet food manufacturing services, no hard feelings. We can also ship your bulk ingredients on to their next destination for you! We offer many pet food ingredient transloading services. We can move your ingredients from the storage facility to railcars for you.


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