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Kansas City Treats is an SQF Level 2 manufacturing facility division of J-Six Enterprises, and it can handle all of your pet treat contract manufacturing needs! Our facility can take care of both pet food extrusion and packaging. We can help you turn pet food ingredients into unique, quality treats that are ready to hit the shelves. Whether it’s a one-time gig or a long-term solution, we’re ready to serve you!

Types Of Pet Treats

Kansas City Treats has the capacity to manufacture a large variety of pet treats with all-natural ingredients. We know that pet treats aren’t just used as an occasional “attaboy”! They often also need to serve a specific purpose. Kansas City Treats and pet products can produce a wide range of extruder-based pet treats, including soft chews, crunchy kibbles, dental chews, and resin pellets. Supply us with the specifications of your product, and we will make it happen with our new products and quality products!


Pet Treat Contract Manufacturing  – Soft Chews

These chews have a pleasantly soft texture, and so are a great option for small breed animals where harder pet treats would pose a choking hazard. They’re also great for older pets that might have weaker teeth. Many pet owners will use them as training treats for dogs because they have such a unique texture from their typical dog food. It’s also common to take advantage of the soft texture to push medicine into, sneaking a pill into a pet that would otherwise put up a fight. Soft chews are useful as well as delicious, and are the main type of premium quality pet food we produce here at Kansas City Treats which is a great addition to your pet’s diet!

Crunchy Treats

The quintessential dog treats and pet treats are a brand of crunchy treats with lots of important supplements! These can take the form of dog biscuits, flavorful kibble, or small treats for cats. It’s important that they are available in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, and nutritional profiles. Kansas City Treats will work with you to produce the exact size, shape, flavors, and nutrients you’re looking for in our pet food industry.

Dental Chews

These hard pet treats, cat food, and pet foods are frequently made from corn starch or other food materials. They are as hard as bone, but they are not made from bones and so are less likely to splinter and break. Because they require so much chewing to eat, they can help prevent tartar buildup on a pet’s teeth, and improve bad breath and nutrition.

Kansas City Treats Is Here To Serve YOU

As suppliers, we are not in the business of making our own pet treats. Our business model is solely focused on helping you produce and distribute your own product. We want to work with you, not compete against you! Kansas City Treats is a division of J-Six Enterprises, a full circle agricultural company. We have the equipment and knowledge to help you custom blend your ingredients, manufacture them into pet treats, bag them, store them, and get them to your distributors. Come to us with the specs to your one-of-a-kind pet treat, and we will turn it into a real product.

Our Pet Treat Contract Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing Facility

Kansas City Treats is an SQF Level 2 manufacturing facility with various equipment, own labels, nutritional supplements, and technologies at your disposal. What does that mean? Let’s show you!

Safe Quality Foods Certification

The Safe Quality Foods program (SQF) is a food safety program and food quality program recognized globally. It is standardized across industries, so that every step, from farms to stores, has a common way of tracking their food safety and quality. Kansas City Treats has a Level 2 SQF certification, also known as the “Certified HACCP-Based Food Safety Plan”. It covers ideal agricultural practices, manufacturing practices, and distribution practices, as well as hazard analysis and risk assessment. You can rest assured that pet treats manufactured in Kansas City Treats’ facility will be healthy, safe, and trustworthy.

Types Of Machines Available

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Types Of Ingredients Available

Because Kansas City Treats is a division of J-Six Enterprises, we have a large list of ingredients on hand to make your product. We are a pet food ingredient supplier! At any given time, J-Six Enterprises has between five hundred and six hundred food grade ingredients on hand, and we know how to source more! When you give us the specs to your pet treat, we will start by pulling together the ingredients, milling them if necessary, and blending them together. We have both traditional ingredients and organic options, to suit your customer needs.

How Kansas City Treats Keeps Your Pet Treat Contract Manufacturing Costs Down

You’re producing a product because you want to make a profit. Kansas City Treats understands that! There are many stages to getting a pet treat from idea to the production line to the store shelves, and most of those stages have a cost. At Kansas City Treats, we offer some advantages to help you keep those costs down and boost your profit margin.

Low Minimum Order Requirements

Many things affect your bottom line. One of those is having a surplus of inventory. At Kansas City Treats, we don’t require you to make a huge purchase order prior to securing the contract.

Access To Distributors

We know that there’s much more to providing a product than simply getting the product made. Kansas City Treats is a division of J-Six Enterprises, a full circle agricultural company. The Kansas City Treats division can manufacture your product, but the Fairview Mills division can help get it to your consumers. We handle every step of the process, from bagging to distribution.

J-Six Enterprises – A Full Circle Agricultural Company

Fairview Mills is proud to be one of many divisions of J-Six Enterprises. In choosing Fairview Mills for your pet treat contract manufacturing, you have easy access to our wide range of services. This helps you get from raw material to finished product without having to deal with multiple companies along the way! In addition to pet treat contract manufacturing, J-Six Enterprises will also:

Store your bulk pet food ingredients or bagged products Bag your pet food products Transload your pet food ingredients from railcar to storage facility Transport your products directly to your consumer, be that farmer or store Extrude pet food and pet treats as a contract manufacturer Create dust-free pellets or crumbles in our pelleting facility Process corn cobs into multiple corn cob products

We’re a multi-generational agricultural family. We have long-standing knowledge of what farmers, ranchers, and food producers need. Whether you’re looking to sell raw ingredients, produce a pet food that meets certain metrics, or simply need a place to store your bulk products for a time – J-Six Enterprises will work with you to find the right solution.


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