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Fairview Mills will not only make your pet food product for you – and store it – and package it – and transport it. We area Pet Food Ingredient Supplier and will also supply all of the necessary pet food ingredients, according to your exact parameters!

As a pet food manufacturer, you have to select your ingredients carefully. Certain exotic ingredients can be difficult for you to source on your own. That’s where we step in. The inclusion category also offers almost limitless options, from simple carrots to niche ingredients like “green-lipped mussel powder” – yes, it’s a thing! Choosing a supplier for your pet food ingredients is one of the first steps to achieving your product goals.


Fairview Mills – Your Pet Food Ingredient Supplier

It doesn’t help to blend pet food ingredients if you don’t have the raw materials on hand to begin with. Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six Enterprises, is the solution to your problem! We are a full-service pet food ingredient supplier, with well over five hundred (yes, you read that right!) individual pet food ingredients at our disposal at any given time. You’ll never again need to source your own pet food ingredients in order to make a product, because we have all the ingredients you could possibly need, already on hand! Some of these pet food ingredients include:

  • Rendered dry proteins, such as chicken meal, turkey meal, and lamb meal – among many others! Aside from meat specific dry proteins, we also offer various types of bone meal and blood meal.
  • All commodity grains: corn, barley, wheat, milo, oats, rice, sorghum, rye… we’ve got them all! We also supply starch products from each of these various grains.
  • Pulses – in the commodity world, these are vegetables such as peas, peanuts, legumes, beans, lentils, chickpeas… just to name a few! They are all excellent sources of plant proteins.

Natural Ingredients

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The term “natural” in pet food is not legally defined, but there are guidelines for the labels that are used by pet food companies. Generally, natural means something that is unprocessed and contains no added chemicals. However, the meaning of the word natural differs from person to person. As a result, there are many brands and types of foods that use the term “natural” on the label without proving the authenticity of the claim.

At Fairview Mills, we believe labels for pet food should not be misleading. The vast majority of our pet food ingredients come from natural sources, although we do offer synthetic ingredients, especially of vitamins and minerals that are commonly denatured during pet food extrusion.

An Ingredient For Every Need

We know that there are many varied goals when it comes to combining pet food ingredients into the best product for your pets or livestock. You can rest assured that your pet food ingredient supplier can cover every base when you work with Fairview Mills!

  • Bone And Joint Support – Fight against joint pain and bone reabsorption with hemp extract, collagen, silicium, antioxidants, curcumin, and many bioavailable minerals
  • Healthy Aging – Help your animals live longer by using ingredients with anthocyanin, quercetin, rutinose, cartilage, silicium, carotenoids, melatonin, antioxidants, quinone, and dipeptides
  • Nutrient Boost – Your pet’s food can be enriched with absorbic acid, biotin, algal and fish DHA, folic acid, omega-3 fish oil, niacin, and more!
  • Cardiovascular Health – Build strong hearts with casein peptides, polyphenols, and bioavailable magnesium
  • Mineral Support – Fill in the gaps with zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, niacinamide, choline chloride, and more.
  • Weight Stability – Either beef up or slim down using probiotics, glycine, and polyphenols, along with a balanced nutrient profile
  • Plant Power – Ingredients such as elderberry, pine bark extract, hemp, grape seed extract, cranberry, borage, and psyllium husks are plant-based, all-natural ways to support your animal’s health

Traceability + Transparency From Your Pet Food Ingredient Supplier

Today, consumers are demanding traceability of the ingredients used to make pet food. In addition, the clean label movement has expanded into the pet food industry. Consumers want assurance that their pet is eating healthy and safe food. In order to meet their demand, pet food ingredient suppliers must adopt practices that reduce pollution, resource use and other pressures on ecosystems. By meeting consumers’ demands for transparency, these suppliers can help create positive consumer relations.

In addition, your pet food ingredient supplier needs to communicate to consumers about the nature and benefits of rendered ingredients. A good way to do this is to make use of the packaging and tag them clearly. Similarly, brands should consider how they source their fruit and vegetables. Increasingly, consumers are also concerned with the environment. Fortunately, there are more sustainable ways to supply these ingredients than ever before.

Modern society is increasingly concerned about food waste, and pet food brands should be involved in efforts to reduce food waste. By using upcycled ingredients, pet food brands can help the environment and appeal to environmentally conscious pet owners. Furthermore, they should avoid misleading or deceptive terms that may confuse consumers.

The Cost-Effectiveness Of Using A Direct Pet Food Ingredient Supplier

To make a successful pet food formula, you need ingredients that provide a high-quality product while being cost-effective. First, you must determine which ingredients will serve what function. For example, you might need a protein source to bind other ingredients or improve texture. Another example is the addition of egg products to make your formula more palatable for your pet.

In addition to supplying the ingredients for pet foods, using a pet food ingredient supplier such as Fairview Mills can also help you increase the profitability of your business. The price of ingredients in pet food has gone up, which means that you must adjust your prices to remain competitive. Fairview MIlls not only supplies the ingredients you need to create your pet food product, but we handle every step of the pet food creation process ourselves, reducing the added cost and administrative tangle when using separate companies for each step.

The Role Of The Pet Food Ingredient Supplier In Product Development

The pet food industry is an industry that’s relatively recession-proof. However, it’s important to keep in mind that new ingredients can be very expensive. By using analytical solutions, we can help you make optimal use of new ingredients.

The first step is to identify what your customers are looking for in a product. If you can identify what your customers are looking for in a product, you can develop a product around it. The second step in product development is to determine the ingredients that your consumers are most likely to recognize.

Another step in the process is to ensure that your ingredients are clean and safe. Throughout our pet food milling, pet food grinding, and pet food blending process, we use metal detectors and other equipment to make sure our pet food ingredients are free of metal or other foreign objects. We run every product through our analytics lab. In the lab, we test your product for specific parameters. Depending on your product, these can include:

  • Toxin testing for ochratoxin, citrinin, fumonisins, and many types of mycotoxins, especially aflatoxin.
  • Nutrition analysis, to assure the optimal composition of proteins, fat, fiber, moisture, and ash.
  • Peroxide value, to determine the amount of oxidation in the fats and oil used to bind a blend into a kibble.

J-Six Enterprises – A Full Circle Agricultural Company

Fairview Mills is proud to be one of many divisions of J-Six Enterprises. In choosing Fairview Mills as your pet food ingredient supplier, you have easy access to our wide range of services. This helps you get from raw material to finished product without having to deal with multiple companies along the way! In addition to supplying your pet food ingredients, J-Six Enterprises will also:

  • Store your bulk pet food ingredients or bagged products
  • Grind and blend your pet food ingredients to your specifications
  • Handle your pet food ingredient bagging needs
  • Transport your products directly to your consumer, be that farmer or store
  • Transload your pet food ingredients from railcar to truck, and back again
  • Extrude pet food and pet treats as a contract manufacturer
  • Create dust-free pellets or crumbles in our pelleting facility
  • Mill corn into a grit suitable for both human and animal consumption

Fairview Mills’ services are a division of J-Six Enterprises. J-Six Enterprises is a full circle agriculture company. We care about the land that we farm, the livestock we raise, and the soil in which we plant the seed. Crops that we grow feed our livestock. The livestock we raise produce quality products for both people and their animals. The nutrients from the livestock then fertilize the land – that helps raise the crops – that feeds the livestock – that feeds people and their pets. And the full circle continues.


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